Tacoma Retrofit Headlights

tacoma retrofit headlights

Tacoma Retrofit Headlights

Toyota Tacoma Headlights are one of the hottest mods you can easily swap on your truck. I was just looking at one of these fresh modded trucks on the road and you could see how great it looks with the matte black metal front bumpers, lift, wheels and so on but of course, the immediate attention when onto the headlights but what do you see? Worst nightmare, this guy had the “eBay special” led conversion kit on the halogen projector housings… what a disgrace! Or maybe the person was not aware the new led lights were working against on the results he was expecting to achieve. One headlight was dim, the other was producing a weird amount of glare… resulting in a reduced light output, less usable lumens and less light ahead of you.

The Tacoma retrofit headlights are one of the best mods you can add to your customized truck without sacrificing performance. The optional RX-350 projectors can achieve high-performance levels that very few vehicle can. Then we take those projectors and further optimize them with STI-R clear lenses and an OEM Toyota Denso Ballasts with Philips HID bulbs. Comparing it to the factory halogen projector headlights with the factory halogen bulbs we are talking about a solid 80% increase of lumens, light output, wider and shaper beam pattern with a crisp color flicker effect.

There are many ways to customize the Tacoma retrofit headlights with HID Retrofit Kit. Starting with custom paint color match or the popular blacked out look. Now we can add the same upgraded  LED boards we use on the factory LED headlights to those truck owners that have the non-LED headlights by combining factory LED headlights plus the LED boards . That could really work for those that wanted the factory LED headlights but didn’t come factory with their trucks. How are the LED boards upgraded? Whiter 6000K SMDs, brighter DRLs and parking lights, switchbacks with yellow turn signals allows you to use the led L shape instead of the dull incandescent turn signal bulb. 

If you would like to learn more about our design ready Tacoma retrofit headlights click HERE

Walkaround Video 2016-2018 Toyota Tacoma LED Headlights



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