Aftermarket Headlights VS True Custom Retrofit Headlights


mini h1 hid projector cutoff

Aftermarket Headlights VS True Custom Retrofit Headlights

The aftermarket headlights are an inexpensive way to mod my vehicle. They have projectors and halos. Why not?

Aftermarket halo projector headlights are a downgrade to your stock housings, that is why not.

1. Bulbs
Bulbs are quite smaller with much less usable luminosity than the stock halogen bulbs.
– Well, I can put an hid kit or led on it to make it brighter.
Wrong, the projectors will highly limit the power and create too much glare and they cutoff is plain bad.

2. Projectors
Projectors are made for halogen bulbs proving to be already a lower source for reliable light output and uneven light distribution on the road. More glare with less “driving lights”.

3. Looks
Halos and led bulbs used in the aftermarket projector headlights are the lowest / oldest style grade and quality and provide the least looks and show. “Halos” are achieved by two small old school diodes pointing out on each direction to give away a slight glow on the diffuser ring. Led bulbs usually have lower quality than your local auto part store for example. Aftermarket headlights will give away the impression of a cheaper, more trashed out and low quality vehicle.

4. Quality
Overall quality on aftermarket headlights is not close to the OE headlight manufacturing standards that will turn the front end of your vehicle to an older looking one after just a few car washes.

5. Safety
Using smaller and less visible marker reflectors trying to achieve a cleaner look adds up easily to higher side impact crashes from the lack of reflection and smaller time response needed to stop on time to avoid a crash.

“Better looks” will bring you less visibility on these aftermarket halo projector headlights.

ford f-250 custom headlights


How to paint your headlights?

This is quite one of those subjects where you can find plenty of information but also misinformation. We wanted to dig deeper into this matter to help our customers get the right information when custom painting their headlights. When we see “custom painted” headlight pictures and we can easily notice from a picture how badly mismatched the paint is we already know how bad it will affect the overall look and feel of your vehicle with your new custom headlights. Many “pros” claim they use the best paint, practices, spray guns, curing procedures, etc. etc and, for them the keyword is “variations.” Yes, these variations will exactly depend on the actual VIN of your vehicle and year. We exactly don’t know how many other paint brands besides the one we use can pull the right variation but having the right best quality that applies to the specific variety of your vehicle will make all the right kind of difference in the outcome of the match. Remove all sorts of doubts and the mistakes at trying to match a paint even with the car parked right in front of the paint shop supplier store.

Ask yourself these questions below when using a service from other retrofitters when you want to match the color of your vehicle on your custom headlights. If you are going with us, then you already know we are pushing all boundaries to get that color match flawlessly and accurately for your vehicle.

1. Are they asking for my VIN to match the paint?
2. What quality of paint are they using?
3. Can this paint quality provide the specific variation that my vehicle requires to match the color of the paint indeed?