Invest On Better Headlights From HID Retrofit Kit


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Invest On Better Headlights From HID Retrofit Kit

Why invest on better headlights?

Most new cars are still coming out with bad headlights as explained on the link below. But it’s even worse when looking at it from our perspective because we get to see how projector retrofits can truly turn night into day without blinding people or looking “bright”. One of the cars that made the “good” list was the Toyota Corolla. We have asked random people and everybody seem to agree the Corolla have good LED headlights but here is how they do it; the safety dept. is loosing up on restrictions on headlights that put out too much glare and Toyota was ready at the trigger. Their Corolla headlights are not bright, they are just making it look bright because that’s acceptable right now. If you look at any vehicle commercials you will notice it’s not even about the car anymore, it’s about the LEDs. LED lights are easily the biggest selling point on a vehicle today and the reason you have to pay more to have them, even if they are not optimal.

Headlights on most base-model 2018 vehicles get dim ratings in safety study