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Color Shift Headlights by Retrofit Kit

Customized Headlights By HID RETROFIT KIT

The primary goal of HID Retrofit Kit is to guarantee that our customers will receive the highest quality in high-performance hid projector headlights. We do not cut corners; we take the necessary time and steps to build the Customized Headlights the right way. We make sure you get the most exciting new products the industry has to offer. The results become an extraordinary product that is simple to install and wire no matter how extreme we get to build it. There is nothing brighter than a true HID or LED retrofit done professionally, that will dramatically boost the look and performance of your vehicle.

More color shift headlights mean safer night drives around town or open roads under any weather conditions. A true projector retrofit kit eliminates that unbearable glare from reflector headlights. The bi-xenon low beam pattern is evenly distributed below the cutoff line of the projector with a step to reduce glare to oncoming drivers. You haven't seen headlights like these before, and those around you will appreciate them too. Customize at will and remember our experience from working on almost every single car, our dedication to perfection to the smallest detail and the high-quality products and color shift headlights are what genuinely makes the difference.



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2015-19 Dodge Challenger LED Halo Headlights Custom Color Match

2015-19 Dodge Challenger LED Halo Headlights Custom Color Match

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Invest On Better Headlights From HID Retrofit Kit

Invest On Better Headlights From HID Retrofit Kit

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