Painted Headlights By HID Retrofit Kit

painted headlights

What is a painted headlight?

Custom painting the inside of the headlights. The paint should not obstruct the light reflected. The projectors allow for a full paint job without sacrificing lighting performance.

How to paint headlights?

  1. Professional body shop
  2. Experience with custom paint
  3. Prep work
  4. Best materials ( ex. Paint, Clear, Spray Guns, 2K Primer, Adhesion Promoter )
  5. Infrared curing lamp

Painting the headlights is one of the most delicate and time-consuming processes of the custom headlights and retrofit service

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Check the wet dripping gloss finish on these super duty headlights

One thought on “Painted Headlights By HID Retrofit Kit

  1. Troy Bryant

    Would like more information on headlights / tail lights that you have available.

    I have a 2017 F250.

    Thank you

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