Toyota 4Runner Customized Headlights



Find all the custom headlights for your Toyota 4Runner Customized Headlights

When you are looking at upgrading your Toyota 4Runner, you have to think better performance headlights. HID retrofit kit brings you Toyota 4runner headlights like no other. Sadly, most halo projector headlights on the market are a terrible downgrade to the stock housings. Custom made 4runner led headlights allows fine-tuning of every part of factory style headlamps by retrofitting the brightest HID and now LED projectors to provide the highest level of light output and night visibility without bothering oncoming traffic.

4runner led headlights stands incomplete without an aggressive headlight arrangement that gives the best night driving experience. We at HID RetrofitKit promise you the best customization of 4runner accessories that enhances your driving experience for a long time. High-performance headlights that are customized by experts renders your Toyota a style you have always desired for.

Toyota 4Runner Customized Headlights

  • We bring you an exotic collection of highly durable headlights
  • Pick from the accessories we have to offer to get headlights that match your style and expectation
  • Lifetime warranty of all products makes sure you enjoy the hassle-free owning experience of highly customized headlights


Giving ultimate importance to the customer requirement, we offer the best services and bundle the Toyota 4Runner Customized Headlights in a competitive pricing model. Each product is tested extensively in our labs to make sure you never face any issues.

2014-2020 Toyota 4Runner

2010-2013 Toyota 4Runner Customized Headlights

2003-2005 Toyota 4Runner

1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner Customized Headlights

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