Installation Instructions for Custom Headlights



Custom Headlight Installation

What is the difference for the installation between custom headlights vs aftermarket headlights or factory headlights?

Custom headlights have everything added on them that you would never see on factory or aftermarket headlights even if they slap the “custom headlight” tag on it. It’s only natural that our headlights come with added equipment to protect the add-ons from burning out and maintain the “ performance and looks

Do you provide installation services?

We do not provide installation services at our facility due to the high volume of custom headlights we process. We strongly feel we must allocate all our efforts into delivering the best quality custom headlights and ship them on time.

Do you have recommended installers for my custom headlights?

We highly recommend you do your research when trying to find a good installer just like when you are choosing your retrofitter for your custom headlights. We are available to help your installer perform the installation correctly and you can get us directly in contact to make sure we provide the best assistance.

Should I install my new custom headlights?

Your headlights will arrive at your hands read to be installed by you with specific and detailed instructions for your order. That way you are not wondering which set of instructions you should be looking at. Access to simple tools like and feeling comfortable about removing the old headlamps and the front bumper in some cases is all you really need. You are welcome to ask us for instructions prior to purchasing your new lights. Simply let us know exactly what headlights you will be getting.

All our headlights are easy to install but some are more time consuming due to the add-ons you requested or see on the headlight listing description.

All our headlights come completely sealed and weatherproofed and bulbs normally lasts about 5 years of use.

Are the headlights plug and play?

Custom headlights are plug and play to a certain level. You don’t have to modify the new lights or modify your vehicle in order to install them no matter how many add-ons they carry and that is what we call plug and play. Some might argue that plug and play means just installing the headlamps to the factory plug as that is only possible if you are installing the same old boring lights or those that have substandard quality and performance like many “full led” headlamps that are coming out from Taiwan and China recently, even rebranded ones from names you would normally associate with high standards in our industry. We say plug and play means nothing if you are also getting nothing in return.



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