How to wire LED dual color switchback halos, strips and demon eyes?



How to wire LED dual color switchback halos?

The switchback add ons are very simple to install as well. There are three wires to connect. Red (parking +), white or yellow ( turn signal +) and black ( ground). On vehicles that comes with equipped with dual filament bulbs you will see three wires going to the bulb socket. The middle wire is your parking +, you can notice the ground will have a black line or will be fully black on one end and the turns signal is usually green color but it is the left out wire on the other end. On those vehicles that come with the turn signal on a separate bulb you simply run the white or yellow wire for the turn signal to the turn signal positive for the turn signal bulb and the red and black to the side marker or parking light bulb. The parking light bulb is the one that turns on with the first step of the headlight switch.

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