How to align the headlights?



How to align the headlights?

The custom headlights take the same adjustment as the original headlights thanks to the projectors being mounted to the buck reflector. Simply turn counterclockwise to go up or clockwise to go down on the alignment mechanisms. Some vehicle’s mechanisms are backwards.All new vehicles only allow you to adjust up / right alignment but older vehicles allow you to adjust to the sides as well. The headlights should be installed on the vehicle prior to aligning them. Do not try to align the headlights ahead of installation. Find a leveled surface with plenty of space with a wall at the end of the road that you can use to aim the headlights.

Move the vehicle away from the wall as much as you can. Cover the passenger side headlight to start working with the driver side. Find the adjuster level and using a Philips screwdriver start turning to where the arrows point as needed. Be careful don’t do it too fast and don’t max it out or it will get disconnected and the headlights will need to be reopened.

how to align a bixenon bi-xenon hid projector hids alignment

Make sure the cutoff line is parallel to the road or slightly aimed down. When the vehicle is moving the lights will aim up on acceleration, this is most visible on front wheel drive vehicles. Take the towel off and match both cutoffs together.

hid projector cutoff line step

If you notice that one needs horizontal adjustment, simply grab the bulb holder where the bulb sits ( don’t grab by the bulb) to tilt it to the right position, this would be an extra fine tuning as they come aligned when you receive them from us. It’s done very lightly, you might need gloves because it gets hot. Take pictures and send them to us to make sure everything is right.

How to align hid projectors

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