How to wire LED RGB halos, strips and demon eyes?



How to wire LED RGB halos, strips and demon eyes?

There are two leads (+) positive and (-) ground at the end of the connection that will go to a 12V supply. Since you will mostly leave the halos in a certain color for daily use is recommended that you connect the two leads to the parking or side marker light power supply. This will allow you to run the halos on a certain color without having to reach for the remote control every time.

Start with the two leads and connect the Infrared Remote (IR ) controller module to get power. The module most be installed away of water or moisture reach.

infrared remote module controller for led halo rings

Add one driver to any of the two or four splitters from the controller module aligning the arrow with the black wire coming off the halo driver. There is a black wire coming off each driver that must be grounded to the metal on the car frame in order for the halos to turn on. They will not turn on if this ground is not added correctly.

how to install led halos

Connect one halo at a time by matching the color wires from the halo with the driver wires.

LED COB RGB Halo installation

Test with one halo to make sure it turn on. Continue adding the other halos if it does turn on

Types of Remotes:

Infrared Remote ( IR )

Secure the Infrared signal wire ( white cable with black ball) to an opening on the grille so it is not visible but easy to point at with the remote to turn on/off and change colors.

Infrared remote control for rgb multicolor colorshift led halo rings


The bluetooth box is wired the same way as the IR but it does not needed to be pointed at with the remote. You will download the App on the bluetooth box from the instruction manual and follow the steps from there. You will be able to control the lights and change colors form your smartphone.

wifi led controller led halos

Radio Remote

This is the best remote as it has the most options as far as controlling the colors and signal strength. It is wired the same way as the IR. It takes a different controller and module. This is our preferred system for running RGB halos, strips and demon eyes.

RGB LED Halo Remote controller

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