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Learn more about the different statuses of our Headlight Tracker and know the precise situation of your headlights. Learn what each of the statuses means. If we haven’t update your order to the next state is because we are still working on the current one. Example, your order status is set on labor in the process, but it has been two weeks since the last update. We could be waiting for a replacement part after learning it was not working correctly. We want to make sure you receive a perfect set of headlights that are ready to install and enjoy without any downtime. Not getting status updates does not mean we are not working hard on your headlights. Most orders are unique and might challenge us in every step of the way.

Order Received

The order was received, and the transaction went through. We are ready to start gathering all the necessary parts that your order requires.

Ordered Parts

We have completed the process of ordering the parts for the build, and we are waiting for our suppliers to ship any specific parts we might not have in stock. Example, ordering the headlamp assemblies from our online or local supplier. This step can take as little as one hour or as long as weeks in the event we received a damaged headlight or a part that is malfunctioning.

Labor In Process

Once we have all the required parts, we can start building your Customized Headlights. We do not start unless we have every single piece ready to go. One of the most time-consuming parts of the labor process is the paint preparing phase.

Wiring in Process

We try our best to give you a finished product that is as friendly as possible to install. Some headlights allow for a more quick installation than others. One of the biggest reasons we are 


This status is to confirm you the headlights are ready. At this point, we are making sure everything works the way is intended. We are cleaning the housings and adding protection film to the front lenses.

Preparing For Shipping

It’s rocket launch time! We wrap up those headlights very good. At this point, we are coordinating with our local post office manager to schedule the closest available pickup time. Most pickups happen the same day.


You will receive a notification letting you know the tracking number of your lights. Please remember to be at home the day of delivery since only the person that placed the order is allowed to receive the shipment.  The post office will leave a note if the customer is not present to receive the package. You will need to pick up the box at the location indicated on the slip.

Please inspect the new headlights for any visible damage in case the box shows tear/wear signs from shipping and report any problems directly to us by phone or email. Don’t forget to ask us for help if you need instructions for the installation.

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