880 881 885 886 889 891 893 894 896 898 899 LED Fog Light Series



NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK: Lots of LED bulbs out there and 99% are junk and shouldn’t even be allowed for sale, especially when they pose a high-risk for traffic accidents due to the way these bulbs reflect in your headlights’ reflector bowls scattering light all around. We call it the “flashlight effect.” You see a circle of light with a black hole in the center of it, which causes your headlights to shine light everywhere but on the road ahead. Imagine driving with a constant ” high Beam” that’s worth less than a little wedge LED parking lights in LUX currency.

HRK LEDs: We have been installing LED ” headlight” bulbs since day #0001. Rollback over a decade ago, we used them in fog lights, high beams, and anything that that would mean secondary or auxiliary lights. We thought this day would never come around when we could present an actual upgrade for the low beams, and here we are! Most LUX X FT where you need it while reducing glare outputs form halogen bulbs dramatically.

SAFETY: We are in the business of high-performance lighting products that directly equates to higher security in night time driving. Distracted drivers will stop their distractions the moment they see you coming from afar. Better lights mean a lot safer drives at night for you and your family.

HRK LED VS WHO?: You already know 99% of LED headlight bulbs out there is junk. But did you know the better-LED headlights out there that would directly compete with ours are reasonably new, inexperienced, and overpriced from unnecessary and gimmicky distinctions? Like colorful mesh or different bulb finish making them look like something else. Nothing seems better than pure gold.

MODERN: The newest PHILIPS Z ES LUMILEDS chips in our LED headlights are the whitest white in all of the headlight kingdom. The anterior bulbs were CREE XHP and looked yellow compared to these. Not only these highly focused optics create a longer light output but also a massive wall of light ahead, eliminating any dark spots ahead.

DISTINCTIVE: We are sure you have heard about cheap LED bulbs dimming out over time, some in less than a couple of months. But did you ever hear about headlights that increased their LUX output after a breaking-in period? We noticed an increase of 500 LUX after a full week on stress testing these headlight bulbs. It’s all thanks to the latest architecture combining the newest in heat extractors, heat dissipation, and overall size allowing for installation on almost any vehicle without modifications, something just not possible for other LED headlight bulbs.

LED VS HID: Our LED headlights are now an excellent upgrade for halogen bulbs in reflector headlamps and an acceptable upgrade for most halogen bulbs in projector headlamps. With that said, please choose one of our recommendations:
In projector-type headlamps
1. Choose our HID system for the top performance in projectors
2. Choose our LED for easier installation and improved performance
In Reflector-type lamps
1. Choose LED for the best performance and easy installation

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: For over a decade, we’ve worked hard to earn our customers’ loyalty. Installed LED lights on every single car out there, allowing us to have the experience and background nobody else can outmatch. Our passion for auto lighting has taken us to lengths no one else would dare to reach, and we keep getting better. Prompt and dedicated one on one customer service will ensure you are 100% satisfied with our products and eliminate any shots in the dark.

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    2x 880 HRK LED Kit


    2x HRK 2S2 Regulators


    880 Plug & Play Input Adapters


    5 Years



    880 881 885 886 889 891 893 894 896 898 899



    6x Philips Lumileds Z ES per bulb




    2440lm (raw; per bulb)


    23w (per bulb)


    6-18V DC