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2015-19 Dodge Challenger LED Halo Headlights Custom Color Match

¬†Challenger Headlights Check out our new customized and completely upgrade headlamps!   Color Matched Shrouds RGBW LED Multicolor Halos RGB LED Demon Eyes Bluetooth Controller w/ Multi Channel Functionality True H.I.D System Satin Black Front Cover and Intake Eye Patch These headlights can be customized any way you like and upgrade even further by retrofitting […]

C6 Corvette Black Headlights By HID Retrofit Kit

  Shop C6 Corvette Black Headlights

Invest On Better Headlights From HID Retrofit Kit

Why invest on better headlights? Most new cars are still coming out with bad headlights as explained on the link below. But it’s even worse when looking at it from our perspective because we get to see how projector retrofits can truly turn night into day without blinding people or looking “bright”. One of the […]